ADAP Hosts the 18th Asia-Pacific Conference

IMG_0986ADAP Hosts the 18th Asia-Pacific Conference

The Asia-Pacific Regional Conference of the Alzheimer’s Disease International will be held in the Philippines on November 18-21, 2015 to be hosted by the Alzheimer’s Disease Association of the Philippines (ADAP) and the Philippine Neurological Association (PNA) at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Ortigas Avenue, Quezon City.  The theme for the Conference is “From Lab to Home Alzheimer’s Disease in the 21st Century. The Conference is to be attended by delegates from the different countries across the Asia-Pacific Region, from Alzheimer’s Disease International and local delegates across the archipelago. The aim of the Conference is to achieve progress in creating a climate of heightened awareness of AD and related disorders and the utilization of the most cost-effective approaches which are community primary care and family caregiver education.

The Chairpersons for the event are Dr. Eduardo Poblete and Dr. Arnold Pineda. They have prepared interesting topics and have invited international speakers specializing in their fields of expertise. The Conference is open to all medical professionals,  allied medical practitioners, familes/caregivers and those interested to learn more on AD and related disorders.

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ADAP Book Second EditionThe Book ‘Recommendations on the Diagnosis, Prevention & Management of Alzheimer’s Diseases” 2nd Edition

In observance of 2014 World Alzheimer’s Day (September 21) the Alzheimer’s Disease Association of the Philippines (ADAP) launched the Second Edition of the “Recommendations on Diagnosis, Prevention and Management of Alzheimer’s Disease” on September 22, 2014 at the Fully Booked shop, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. The occasion was attended by medical practitioners from different medical organizations, allied-medical professionals, families/caregivers and print and television media.

ADAP saw the need to update the 2014First Edition, released in 2005, since there was an outpouring of new information and evidences, new research criteria for diagnosis, prevention, pharmalogical and nonpharmacological interventions. After a long and tedious gathering of studies and lengthy discussions on relevant data, the committee, headed by Dr. Grace Orteza (book convenor), finally submitted the Second Edition for printing and launch. GOOD JOB!!!!!

The Second Edition contains new information on the diagnosis including pre-clinical stages of Dementia, pharmacological management of behavioral and psychological symptoms and discussions on prevention of AD. The book focuses on nonpharmacological interventions which are culturally sensitive in treating behavioral and psychiatric symptoms. It tackles ethical, legal and psychosocial issues in AD care such as advance directives and end of life care.


About the Cover:

Sunset is a natural prelude to the darkness of the night, with the light coming from the sun slowly turning everything into vivid hues, from the light to dark and then to black.

A person’s journey with Alzheimer’s Disease is like going through the sunset.
It can be spent huddled inside an artificially lighted room, in fear or denial of the slowly darkening  skies,
Or outside frolicking and dancing in the water, amidst the setting sun, the trees and the flowers

For water flows gently and freely,  with heals and caresses, it cannot be held by obstacles, it simply goes where it wants to go

Trees grow branches that go in different directions, it’s leaves turn into different colors, but all are held together by deeply anchored roots

Flowers bloom for a while, then eventually wilt and fall …
Only to give way to new ones

This journey into darkness can be done alone …
Or hand in hand with those we love …
Our children, our friends, and our ever loyal and loving pets

ADAP invites all of us to go into this journey together,
and spend the night exhausted, yet exhilarated
Knowing that the darkness will soon lead to dawn,
and bring with it a promise of a bright new day

By: Grace O. Orteza, MD, FPNA











“Caregiving Guide for Persons with Alzheimer’s Disease”

Also launched simultaneously was the “Caregiving Guide for Persons with Alzheimer’s Disease” done by the Support Group Committee of ADAP composed of family caregivers, nurses and geriatricians with the guidance of Dr. Socorro Martinez, ADAP President.The booklet contains information on the disease, suggestions on what to do to address behavioral and psychological symptoms, nutrition, and tips on how one can make life comfortable for both the persons with AD and their families/caregivers.


About the Cover:
An ancient Japanese legend promises that anyone
     who folds a thousand origami cranes
          will be granted a wish by a crane.
Some stories believe you are granted eternal good
    luck, instead of just one wish, such as long life or
          recovery from illness or injury
The thousand cranes may be a legend but its
promises provide hope.
This is our cry.  This is our prayer.  Hope for those
          afflicted and affected by Alzheimer’s Disease

Cover Conceived & Created by:
Ronald Ellipaño, M.D.


Dementia Must Know – 101
Living and Caring for a person with AD
General Principles
Dealing with Impairments of Complex Activity of Living
Dealing with Impairments of Activities of Daily Living
Dealing with Behavioral and Psychiatric Symptoms of AD
End of Life Care
The Caregiver
Finding Happiness in Caring

The book and caregiving booklets are available at the Secretariat:
Rm 410 Medical Arts Bldg.
St. Luke’s Medical Center
E. Rodriquez Avenue, Quezon City
Telephone # (02)7231039